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WCT Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of consulting services inlcuding Structural Engineering, Facility Evaluation, Project Evaluation, Property Condition Assessments and Project Initiation and Management Services.

Structural Engineering

  • Design, preparation of construction and permit documents and construction phase services for renovations and new construction of buildings and other structures

Facility Evaluation and Property Condition Assessments

  • Condition evaluation assessments of existing facilities and their primary systems
  • Investigation of anomalies in existing construction such as cracks, settlement, damage and structural failures and recommendations for repair
  • Evaluations of existing facilities for suitability for proposed new occupancy or modifications
  • Development of master plans for implementation of upgrade and repair

Project Initiation and Management Services

  • Assistance to owners in the programming of their requirements
  • Preparation of Request for Proposal documents for design professionals and contractors
  • Assistance to owners in the evaluation of proposals and the development of design and construction contracts
  • Administration of contracts including review of design and construction activities and evaluation of Applications for Payment

General Consulting Services

  • Expert witness in legal actions related to construction
  • Assistance to building owners and institutions in the solicitation and evaluation of proposals for professional design and construction services
Architectural Engineering

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